Course Description

Renowned yoga teacher Katy Appleton presents her prenatal yoga DVD devised to support and inspire you through your pregnancy. Included are three 45-minute flows, Sanctuary, Shine and Stillness, 15-minute Hypnobirthing Relaxation and special features of Pelvic Floor Play and Top Tips including remedies for common ailments during pregnancy.

These practices are safe, effective and accessible, and have been refined by Katy over many years, most recently embodied in her own pregnancy. Sanctuary, Shine and Stillness have been created to work with each trimester, balancing your pregnant body, mind and emotions. All encourage strength and releasing movements, while creating space and nurture for your growing baby.

Each flow offers empowered breath techniques to calm your system and prepare for birth.

Sanctuary: suitable for all trimesters, especially the first, it introduces safe, effective and gentle movements that create space and strength in your body to support the many changes that occur during pregnancy.

Shine: the most dynamic of the series, this is ideal for your second and early third trimester; it offers a practice that is strengthening and empowering.

Stillness: suitable after the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, and perfect during your third trimester, it offers time to relax, restore and connect with your baby and body, in preparation for labour.

Founder & Director of appleyoga

Katy Appleton

Katy Appleton, Founder & Director of appleyoga brings to yoga more than 25 years of expertise in movement through ballet, Pilates, body tuning, breath and energy work. She is an internationally recognised teacher of Vinyasa Flow and is known for bringing the true essence of yoga alive in a student's body mind in creative, dynamic and life transforming ways. Her teaching is biomechanically savvy whilst fun and playful, invoking a deeper embodied sense of self within a practice.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Prenatal Yoga with Katy Appleton - Introduction

    • Introduction

  • 2

    1st Trimester - Sanctuary

    • Sanctuary

  • 3

    2nd Trimester - Shine

    • Shine

  • 4

    3rd Trimester - Stillness

    • Stillness

  • 5

    Hypno-birthing relaxation

    • Relaxation

  • 6

    Bonus material

    • Top tips and amazing facts

    • Pelvic Floor Play

    • Mudras for pregnancy

    • Mudras for pregnancy #2